A descendant of an artistic Family where music and creativity were essential.

Her Father used to be a teacher and a professional musician, the mother a designer and painter and the brother architect by profession and a passionate painter.

Brought up in the Dutch countryside  among rivers from where she got her love and spirit of nature.

A soft spot for birds, fish and water thanks to which she succeeds in her paintings to express the freedom together with beauty.

Art always lived within Annemarie, she used to be a fashion designer for many years, before she started painting.

When she moved to Malta in the early nineties her work started to take a different form, with more time to dedicate to artistic painting, inspiration took over, however the real change came when they moved to Dubai.

The painting addiction engulfed her seeing the Arabian horses, the camels and the architecture of the Gulf. Sights and colours  which she had to portray in an artistic way.

The tranquil environment and the sun-light which was always available in the Gulf made her a different person all together.

Annemarie lived abroad for nearly 20 years in England, Malta, United Arab Emirates and Malta again.

Her works have found homes in: ‘China, South-Africa, Oman, England, United Arab Emirates, Holland and Malta.

She exhibited in many group exhibitions in Dubai and Sharjah and won several awards.

Her solo exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates and Malta were successful and very well received.

A peculiar characteristic of this talented artist is her variety of techniques, she paints water colours, silk paintings, oils, acrylics, and pencil capturing works of realism, semi abstract and surrealism.

Annemarie has been featured in: ‘Gulf Today, Al Kaleej, Connector, Hollandse Nieuwe and the Maltese ‘Sunday Times’.

AnnsArt by Annemarie
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